Purchaser Information:

Tell me about Vista Park?

"Vista Park" is brought to you by Sheargold.

It has been master planned to bring two different land offerings in three distinct precincts, each with its own charm and characteristic. 

Those precincts are "The Ridge", "The Grove" and "The Vale".

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What are those charms and offerings?

"The Ridge" is comprised of 70 rural residential lots of minimum size 2,000 sqm. They will be zoned R5 Large Lot Residential. The Ridge will be released over five stages.

"The Grove" will consist of 111 R2 residential lots upwards of 450 sqm released over six stages. It will abutt a large park and recreational area.

"The Vale" will also be R2 residential and will draw upon the historic Coral Vale Homestead for its influence. The Vale is currently in its early planning stage.

All stages will avail themselves of the magnificent views of the Illawarra Escarpement.

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When will the lots be developed and available for sale?

Development of the first stages at “The Ridge” commenced in late June 2014 and with sales releases beginning in late 2015.

Adjacent to The Ridge is the subdivision of 100+ lots in “The Grove” precinct in 4 Stages which was released in early 2016.

Planning for “The Vale” has been commenced and it is anticipated that a construction and releases will begin late 2017/ early 2018.

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Who is Sheargold?

Sheargold  is a privately owned diversified property investment and development organisation with its Head Office in Brookvale (Sydney).

The organisation was founded in 1963 and has established a long track record of successfully delivering projects in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors.

The vision of the Sheargold is to develop an enviable reputation and public profile within select geographical markets for providing quality and inspiring lifestyle projects at key price points that offer significant value to prospective purchasers.

Past projects include the award winning suburb of Cordeaux Heights a 1,000 plus lot subdivision that included 2 school sites and shopping centre, the completion of 300 homes at Forest Grove, Kanahooka, 107 home sites at Darragh Park and the 25 lots at entrance way to RedGum Ridge, planning of a 800+ dwellings as part of a masterplanned community in Tea Gardens on the Mid North Coast, and more recently The Gallery - 14 bespoke townhouses in Figtree NSW.

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Whom may I contact for more information?

LandLinx Pty. Ltd. is the Agent for Vista Park –Landlinx Principal is Mr Tom Wetherall  and he has been involved with the project since the land was first acquired in 1997.

Please go to Sales & Info – Contact to register and have one of our team contact you.

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Where is the Sales Office?

Our Sales & Information Centre is = located in the restored historical homestead building known as "Coral Vale Homestead" off Smiths Lane, Wongawilli.

Please go to Sales & Info - Location, for directions.

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Vista Park has been awarded six (6) EnviroDevelopment leaves, what do these mean?

Vista Park has been fully certified as an EnviroDevelopment project. EnviroDevelopment is an initiative of the Queensland Division of the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA). It is a scientifically based system designed to make it easier for purchasers to recognise and thereby select more environmentally sustainable developments and lifestyles.

Certified developments must be carefully designed to protect the environment and use resources responsibly whilst offering a range of benefits to homeowners. These benefits include reduced household operating costs, healthier homes and communities as well as the satisfaction of knowing your community and your home have a reduced ecological footprint.

In order to receive EnviroDevelopment certification a project must meet or exceed the technical requirements in six categories being water, energy, ecosystems, community, materials and waste. These categories are represented in the leaves of the EnviroDevelopment logo.

The Ridge gained certification in 2011 making it the first NSW project to receive certification in all six categories..

Some of the key environmental initiatives that have been incorporated into Vista Park include Masterplanning of the development to encourage walking and cycling, significant creek re-vegetation works, recycling and reuse of construction materials and a requirement that all future dwellings will be designed to exceed BASIX water and energy targets by 20%.

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Will "Design Guidelines" be introduced to ensure the quality of home construction?

To ensure the vision of The Ridge, Vista Park is realised and shared by all future residents, the siting and design of homes should support the principles of sustainable environmental design and all homes should be designed with Colonial Australian architecture, or modern interpretations of this architectural style.

The objectives of the Design Guidlines and the site analysis and pre-design for each homesite is to make it easier for you to design a beautiful home which fits with the character of The Ridge, Vista Park, best optimises the unique characteristics and vistas of your selected homesite, and is sustainable and comfortable to live in.

The Design Guidelines cover ten (10) major topics, siting, street frontage, fencing, built form, colours and finishes, waste, materials, energy, water and landscaping.

A simple design review process will be implemented to achieve these desired outcomes. For more information please down load the Design Guideleines found under the tabs About - downloads.

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Where may I obtain a copy of the Design Guidelines?

A copy of the full Design Guidelines is available as a download from this web site.  Please go to About - Downloads - Design Guidlines. Or simply drop into the Sales & Info Centre to pick up a copy.

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What does R.5 zoning mean?

R.5 Large Lot Residential, minimum size 2,000sqm, is a new zoning that came into effect when the West Dapto L.E.P. was Gazetted in 2010 and was a concept that came about partly in response to Sheargold’s representations to the NSW Department of Planning for the creation of a form of transitional zoning to act as an appropriate buffer between the future residential development land east of Smiths Lane and the Rural Residential lots to the west of the project – that is, “Vista Park” stages 1 & 2 that were developed by Sheargolds in 1999 / 2000.

The LEP Land Use table specifically describes the “Objectives of the Zone” as:
To provide residential housing in a rural setting while preserving, and minimising impacts on, environmentally sensitive locations and scenic quality.
• To ensure that large residential lots do not hinder the proper and orderly development of urban areas in the future.
• To ensure that development in the area does not unreasonably increase the demand for public services or public facilities.
• To minimise conflict between land uses in this zone and land uses within adjoining zones.

Dual Occupancy development, Multi-dwelling development and Residential Flats Development and further subdivision are not a permissible use under the R.5 zoning’s schedule of permitted uses of the land.

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What builders can build at "The Ridge"

You may engage any licensed builder.

It is highly recommended that your architect and builder familiarises themself with the Design Guidlines prior to design commencement to ensure a satisfactory approval through the Design Guidelines review process.

Depending on the particular lot of your choice, you may find some builders more adept at construction on sloping lots whilst others may be structured for “concrete slab”-type construction that is best suited to more level lots.

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Is there a time limit for construction of my home?

There is a time limit to complete construction of your new home of 2 and a 1/2 years or 30 months.

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Are there any additional costs involved in purchasing a block of land?

The land price is Goods & Services Tax (GST) inclusive. In addition to the contract sale price, however, you will be liable for your Finance Provider’s costs, your Solicitor’s or Conveyancer’s costs and NSW Government Stamp Duty.

There are exemptions from Stamp Duty for First Home Buyers and also for other land Purchasers who intend commencing construction of a new home on the land within 26 weeks of the sale being completed.

There is (currently) no Stamp Duty payable on Home Building Contracts. There are exemptions / concessions also available to purchasers intending to build within 26 weeks of purchasing.

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What services are available and will these include NBN Broadband?

Underground electricity, telephone, town water, sewer, inter-allotment storm water drainage (where drainage to street is not possible).

NBN BROADBAND CONDUITS will be installed and a developer agreement has been signed with NBN co to provide cables when houses are constructed, conduits have not been pre cabled.

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Will the streets at "The Ridge" have conventional kerb and gutter?

In keeping with the rural atmosphere, sealed roads with street lighting are proposed to have swayle drains with constructed culvert crossovers at designated lot entry points.

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