Tips for Erecting a Fence around your New Home

We know you are probably busy finishing your new home, so we have prepared a list of tips for erecting a fence around your new home.

The Vista Park Guidelines include specifications that for your fence will need to meet to ensure that you remain eligible for the Streetscape Incentive. You can download the latest version of the relevant Design Guidelines here.

While privacy legislation prohibits us from providing your neighbours’ details to you without their permission. However, with your written and/or email permission, we can forward your details to your neighbours with a request that they contact you to discuss your proposal.

If would like us to do that, please complete your details in the form below and hit 'submit'.

Request to Contact Your Neighbours

Your Details

Your Preferred Contact Method

Authority & Consent

What Happens Next

We will forward your request on to neighbouring owners and suggest they contact you. We cannot be responsible if an adjoining owner refuses to contact you and in such cases other arrangements my need to be made.

Other Information

If at any time you and your neighbour reach an impasse about the fence, there are options available to you under the Dividing Fences Act. You can find more information about those options on the website of the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal - https://www.ncat.nsw.gov.au/case-types/housing-and-property/dividing-fences.html.

Please note that if your property shares a boundary with a property owned by Sheargold, the contract for your purchase of the property included a provision that exempted Sheargold from contributing to any fencing costs.

Please feel free to contact us direct should you require any further assistance.