The Ridge, The Grove and The Vale have all been carefully designed to protect the environment and use resources responsibly.

In recognition of this design excellence, these precincts have been recognised and awarded six leaves under the EnviroDevelopment based branding system. This scientific branding system is designed to make it easier for purchasers to recognise and, thereby, select more environmentally sustainable developments and lifestyles

The six leaves objectives, as shown on the EnviroDevelopment logo, are summarised as,


To maintain healthy and resilient ecosystems based on natural processes with rich native biodiversity.


Reduced waste sent to landfill, more efficient use of resources.


Reduce usage of polluting sources and support use of renewable energy


Environmentally responsible material usage.


Improve water use efficiency.


Vibrant, cohesive, healthy, happy, adaptable, prosperous, sustainable communities.


If you like to find out more about EnviroDevelopment click here.