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The Grove

The Grove was the second of the three Vista Park precincts.  The Grove features a traditional neighbourhood design and is bordered by the unique Bankbook Park.   The Grove Design Guidelines were formulated to ensure The Grove is a high-quality, comfortable and sustainable community.

Bankbook Park is  an incredibly unique feature parkland, featuring fully restored mining artefacts from the nearby Wongawilli Mine to celebrate the rich history of the area and a magnificent heritage listed fig tree.  These historic cars, towers and boiler have been reconditioned as play equipment for the next generation to learn and enjoy.  Cycleways and meandering pathways meander through the 2 hectares of Bankbook Park and form the backbone of Vista Park.

The Grove was carefully designed to protect the environment and use resources responsibly.  As a result, The Grove was awarded six leaves under  the EnviroDevelopment branding system.

The Grove consists of four Stages each of have been registered and all bar one of the home sites (more about that later!) have been sold.  The Grove is now a well-established neighbourhood marking the entry to Vista Park. The Grove includes 108 home sites ranging in size from 450m2 to 747m2, The Grove Townhouses and Bankbook Terraces

There is just one home site still available for sale in Stage 4.  Lot 401 The Grove is registered, ready to build on and available for sale now! 


Completed & Just ONE Home Site Available!

Stage 4 (Lot 401)

Completed & Sold

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The Grove Townhouses

Bankbook Terraces