The Vale Stage 6

S = Sold
i = Available
H = Future Release
Lighter Blue = House and Land Package available

Stage 6 comprises 21 home sites ranging in size from 450 sqm to 809 sqm and with frontages of 15m and greater.  Stage 6 includes the last and arguably some of the most sought after home sites in The Vale - sitting right on the doorstep of the Coral Vale Homestead historic site  (including Smiths Ln Dairy and Little Zak's Academy) and overlooking the riparian corridor on the northern boundary of Vista Park.

The very last home sites in Stage 6 - Lots 618 to 621 - have not yet been released for sale.  IF you are interested in any of those home sites we suggest that you register for our newsletter and sales updates here!

All home sites in Stage 6 will have access to services including natural gas and NBN and the great majority will be suitable for cost effective slab on ground construction. 

Buyers of home sites in The Vale Stage 6 are eligible to apply for the $5,000 Streetscape Incentive on completion of a home and landscaping that meets The Vale Design Guidelines.

We anticipate Stage 6 will register late 2023.  The latest updates, direct from our Development Manager, are available here.

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