Development Manager’s Update - December 2020

Welcome to the final Vista Park update for 2020!

Construction for the all-new Childcare Centre near the Coral Vale Homestead is well underway with local builders Niche already setting down the foundations for this great new facility. Specialist heritage architects were taken onboard to design this safe and modern facility which will feature a visual connection to the colonial architecture on display around Vista Park. Meanwhile the heritage listed Dairy Sheds have started to be cleared out ahead of its repurposing into a charming rustic café.

Meanwhile in The Vale, works continued to progress well throughout December despite a number of days of poor weather. The base course and kerbs are complete on all roads apart from one. Storm water pits are also on track for imminent completion. The major task remaining is completion of the retaining wall. Currently the piers have been installed - a crucial step in facilitating the retaining wall.

Finally, garden bed preparation has been completed around the sandstone retaining walls on road one. Landscaping works will commence at the start of next year - a very exciting milestone!

That's all for now - have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and stay tuned for the January 2021 Vista Park update!