Development Manager’s Update - February 2017

Despite a mixed month of weather ranging from intense heat to heavy down pours, we’ve had some exciting progress in the month of February.

Starting at The Grove, we’ve seen a lot of home sites spring up on Stage 1 while Stage 2 is completely sold out and awaiting registration which is expected any day now… Stage 3 is quickly taking shape with roads being boxed out and kerbs poured. At Stage 4 earthworks are set to finish up soon, giving us our first glimpse of the Grove precinct as whole!

Across the Bankbook Park at The Ridge we are waiting anxiously for Stage 5 to register and for those lucky enough to have purchased a home site to join the Vista Park community. Stage 6 has really taken shape with earthworks almost finished up and many of the services currently being installed.

Be sure to check out Smiths Lane in the coming months as we upgrade the existing road in and out of Vista Park.

Keep an eye out for our exciting new sales release in the coming weeks.