Development Manager’s Update - July 2019

Welcome to the July update for Vista Park; finally, we have reached the halfway point of winter!

July has continued to be a busy time, with home construction continuing across The Ridge and The Grove. To add to the excitement, our application for the construction certificate of the Vista Park childcare centre and adjoining café is progressing well and several expressions of interest have been received for operators to run each of the respective facilities.

Meanwhile over in The Vale, Sheargold has recently submitted a Planning Proposal for varied new housing types and have setup a Community Briefing Session to seek your input before any formal public exhibition.

The objective of the Planning Proposal is to provide for an innovative housing solution to tackle housing affordability. We have always been motivated to offer a diverse range of housing at Vista Park at a variety of price points, as we believe aiming to provide homes for the broadest cross section of society creates the strongest and most inclusive community possible. The details of the briefing sessions are below:

Community Briefing Session:
Date: Saturday 3rd of August 2019
Location: Horsley Community Centre, 82 Bong Bong Rd, Horsley NSW 2530
Session Times: The first between 10:00am and 12:00pm and the second between 12:30pm and 2:30pm.
Please RSVP below with your preferred session time and any specific questions you would like us to cover. Refreshments will be available.


Feel free to drop in at any time during these sessions where we will have members of the project team available and answer any specific questions you may have. If members of the community are unable to attend, please contact us to arrange an alternate time(s) to discuss. 

We believe in The Vale at Vista Park and are proud to be part of this Community. We therefore look forward to a continuing and productive discussion. 

Also, a friendly reminder to homeowners and their builders; waffle pods cause extensive pollution to the environment during these windy periods of the year, with a number of pods unfortunately ending up in local environmental conservation areas and stormwater drains. Please ensure that waffle pods are carefully managed and secured so as to protect the environment, particularly in the event of high winds. In addition, please ensure that excess pods are disposed of appropriately.

That’s all for now- make sure to check back in August for another Vista Park update (and the last update for winter)!