Development Manager’s Update - May 2018

Welcome to the May update for 2018, we are almost half way through the year!

Similar to last month The Grove is continuing progress. Footpath works are complete for Stages 1 & 2 and our civil contractor Glennos has moved onto Stage 3 & 4. We should see some street trees in the coming weeks also. Keep an eye out for an updated Integrated Development in The Grove Stage 1, with the scheme being lodged with council early next month.

The Grove Park is all but complete. We are awaiting our final mining artefact, the enormous boiler to be installed. Whilst our landscape contractors are also continuing with the revegetation of the riparian corridor along the creek inn between The Grove and The Ridge.

We welcomed our new residents to the Ridge Stage 6 earlier this month. Whilst our contractors are continuing with works on the Basin in Stage 7 of The Ridge and we hope to see all of Stage 7 finished up in July.

Meanwhile over on The Vale - we have received the first part of our construction certificate! We hope to see some action soon with stockpiling set to commence next month onsite.

That's another month wrapped up, stay tuned for next month’s update.