Development Manager’s Update - November 2021

Welcome to the November 2021 update!

Construction continues at Vista Park.  If you head east on Roy Sheargold Avenue, you'll notice the accumulation of drainage pipes and pits at The Vale Stages 2&3 ready for installation and some already in the ground.  The road construction is shaping up with a kerb installed along with the proposed extension of Roy Sheargold Drive and Wollindarra Circuit.  The concrete sediment basin has also been poured.  This basin is one of a three part water treatment train that will also include a wetland and gross pollutant trap.  At this point, construction progress is at about 20%, with practical completion expected next early next year.

At The Grove Townhouses, the purchasers were welcomed to a defects inspection of their homes.  The townhouses are now practically complete, with some purchasers set to move in before Christmas.

Construction at Bankbook Terraces is continuing and stormwater, electrical and NBN infrastructure has been installed.  The excess material was removed from the site to make room for the slab preparation.  The slab has been installed and the frames should arrive on site any day.

Look forward to another month of progress. See you at the next update.