Home building inspiration on Instagram

Over the years we have watched many families design and build their dream homes at Vista Park, but we really only get to see part of that journey.  We have been excited to see some Vista Park residents sharing their home building journey on Instagram, giving others a chance to follow that process; from buying a home site to selecting colour schemes and furnishings. 

One of the Vista Park families sharing their home building journey on Instagram is Hollie & Bowen.  Hollie & Bowen own a home site in The Vale and have started an Instagram account - @ourstyles.build - to share the steps and choices they make as they build their home. 

We asked Hollie & Bowen if there were any particular tips they would like to share with other Vista Park families as they design and build their homes.  Their first tip is to think a lot about colour selections and to use Pinterest as a guide and inspiration source to help find a design style that matches your taste and expectations.   Their second tip is to allow extra time for delays and extra money for emergencies to ensure that you can cover any added costs that might affect the delivery of your home.  

Make sure to check our Hollie & Bowen’s Instagram account - @ourstyles.build - for more advice and to follow the progress of their build. 

You can also browse for similar accounts under #wongawilliresidents and #wongawilli. 

We look forward to seeing the finished homes!