Introducing Sheargold Trust

One of the four pillars that underpins our business is ‘It’s all about People’.

In particular, we acknowledge that it is the people and families that choose to live and invest in our communities that make those communities inspiring.  We trust that, those people and families chose to live and invest in our communities as they value the approach we take in designing and building spaces and communities.  That is rewarding to us and that is what continues to motivate us.

To acknowledge the importance that people play to our business, we have put together a customer loyalty initiative, known as 'Sheargold Trust.  If you have purchased a property in a Sheargold Community - such as the award-winning Cordeaux Heights, the resort-style Forest Grove, and vibrant Vista Park - from us, you are a member of Sheargold Trust.  

As a Sheargold Trust member, you'll enjoy a host of rewards including:

Priority Notifications: Stay ahead of the curve with advance notice of upcoming sales releases, ensuring you never miss out on new opportunities.

Repeat Purchase Rewards: Receive a rebate of 2% when you purchase a second property from us and 3% when you purchase a third or subsequent property from us.

Family Rewards: Share you Repeat Purchase Rewards with your family!  If you have purchased a property from us and you introduce us to a family member who then purchases a property from us, we will treat your purchase as your family member's first purchase, meaning your family member will receive a rebate of 2% on their purchase.

Referral Rewards: If you introduce a family member or friend to Sheargold by filling out the form at, and they purchase a property from us, you are entitled to a Referral Reward - at present a $2,000 EFT card.