Life at Coral Vale through the eyes of a Smith

Coral Vale Homestead is an iconic element of the heritage and history of Wongawilli, and we were lucky enough to learn a little of this history first-hand from one of its former residents. 

 The Homestead and its former agricultural surroundings have a remarkable history that we are pleased to share with its new residents as the Homestead transitions to remain at our community's heart at Vista Park. 

Coral Vale Homestead was initially a parcel of 50 acres granted to William Fry in 1831. It was bought later by the Rose Family in 1862, who built the homestead consisting of two blocks separated by an open breezeway about seven to eight feet wide with facing verandahs. 

In 1903 William Smith purchased Coral Vale, which was inherited through generations until Bruce Prior Smith, the last owner in the Smith's line. 

We are delighted to share part of Coral Vale's history as recalled by Heather Boardman (nee Smith), who grew up at Coral Vale and shared some fantastic stories and insights into what life was like growing up at the Homestead. Check out the full interview below or stay tuned for some highlights across our social media channels over the following weeks.