Future Integrated Development Update

As Vista Park homeowners (and residents) are no longer waiting for monthly updates from our Development Manager, for the time being, we have decided to move from monthly newsletters to something a little less formal and just provide updates and news as things arise that we anticipate Vista Park residents might be interested in.

With that in mind ... there is something that we are very excited to share!  

Now and again, we have been asked what we have planned for the parcel in The Vale marked 'Future Integrated Development' in the Vista Park masterplan - affectionately known to us at Sheargold as 'Lot 501'.  After carefully looking into a couple of options, we can now give you a little more detail.
It has always been important to us to show a long-term commitment to the Vista Park community - beyond completion of construction and registration.  To that end, we retained some homes in The Grove Townhouses and Bankbook Terraces and, of course, the Coral Vale Homestead precinct including Little Zak's Academy and Smiths Ln Dairy.  Set that commitment against a growing demand for a greater range of housing options and the 'future' of Lot 501 was obvious - homes that reflect the character and charm of Vista Park and embrace the focus on design, sustainability and community that we have always had in constructing Vista Park, offer a new housing option but also honour our commitment to the Vista Park community - purpose built rental homes that are professionally managed and that we will retain as part of our growing Sheargold Homes portfolio.

Recently we lodged a development application with Wollongong Council and we are proud to share what we have planned! Lot 501 will be an amenity-packed purpose-built selection of homes exclusively available for rent.  

The dwellings have been designed in a flexible way so that sets of one and two-bedroom homes can be adapted for use as a single, dual level three-bedroom home. There will also be a number of accessible dwellings to ensure that we can accommodate people with additional needs.

The homes will be built around a central open space with a water feature, gym, fire pits, and informal spaces for residents to meet with friends or just rest, relax and enjoy those famous Vista Park views.

Cutting-edge sustainability initiatives will also be a cornerstone of the development, being connected to an embedded energy network with much of the power for that network sourced from solar panels located on site.  We are also looking into geothermal heating and cooling options and EV charging stations.

Part of the philosophy to provide purpose-built rental homes long-term tenancies will be encouraged, pets will be permitted, and of course the freedom to decorate the homes. This will ensure the tenants will become long-term residents who will be part of the Vista Park community for years to come!


Artist's Render.  Finishes, colours etc subject to change. Artist's Render.  Finishes, colours etc subject to change. Artist's Render.  Finishes, colours etc subject to change.