The Vale Stage 4 has registered!

We are so pleased to announce that The Vale Stage 4 has registered!  All purchasers have been notified of registration and settlements of purchases of home sites in The Vale Stage 4 will be due mid-July.   We know registration of this stage has been a long time coming, so, if you purchased a home site in The Vale Stage 4 and would like to settle before the scheduled date, please speak to your solicitor or conveyancer – we are more than happy to do what we can to facilitate earlier settlements.

Copies of the registered deposited plan and s88B instrument, final geotechnical report and works-as-executed documentation are available from our NEW FILE MANAGER.  If you purchased a home site in The Vale Stage 4 and your builder or solicitor is asking for information, that is the place to look!

The first step in building your new home is obtaining design approval for your home design.  There is no need wait for settlement to apply for design approval – you can do that at any time.  Applications for design approval can be made via our website (at in the DESIGN APPROVAL APPLICATION link under the "Build" menu tab).  Before you apply, make sure to read through The Vale Design Guidelines and consider whether your home design meets those Guidelines (also at in the DESIGN GUIDELINES link under the "Build" menu tab).

If you have any questions or need help submitting your application, feel free to contact us at  We are happy to guide you through the submission process.

We will be arranging a Neighbourhood Meet & Greet for all purchasers of home sites in The Vale Stage 4 shortly.  We look forward to meeting you all then!

Lastly, it may seem like a long way off now but don't forget about our Streetscape Incentive Plan!  If your build and landscape your home in accordance with The Vale Design Guidelines you may be eligible for $5,000.

For more information on the Streetscape Incentive Plan, visit in the STREETSCAPE INCENTIVE PLAN link under the "Build" menu tab.