UDIA NSW Awards for Excellence 2023 Submission

With the final stages of Vista Park nearing completion, Vista Park can be considered for a UDIA NSW Award for Excellence this year.  We are so proud of the community that Vista Park has become and we jumped at the chance to submit Vista Park for consideration in two categories - Residential Subdivision and Regional Development.  

The Residential Subdivision category recognizes low-density residential greenfield development, including single-story, double-story, detached, semi-detached, small-lot housing and/or missing middle typologies with private open space.  The Regional Development category recognises residential, retail, commercial and industrial development in NSW Regions. 

In 2018, Vista Park won the UDIA NSW Award for Excellence in the Marketing category recognising the including innovation and creativity marketing and resulting market awareness and consumer support for Vista Park. 

As submissions have now closed the judging process will begin and finalists will be announced in early July.  

As with most of the things we do at Sheargold, putting together the submission was truly a team effort.  However, in this case we also had some help from Vista Park resident, Mitch Hickman of Mitch Hickman Films, who shot some truly beautiful photos of Vista Park to accompany our submission.