Vista Park Street Library Now Installed

You may remember in late 2020 we ran a Street Library Design Competition, where we asked the community to submit designs to be applied to the Street Library. Our winner was Kayla from The Ridge and she has been busy working away to decorate the Street Library with her design. We are now pleased to announce that the Street Library is now installed at the front gates to the Coral Vale Homestead!

To get the ball rolling, the staff at Sheargold will be donating a selection of books to the Street Library, and we of course welcome the entire Vista Park community to wander up and swap out one of these books with a book of your own you’d like to share.

Street Library Australia is a great initiative that the Sheargold Foundation have been working with. They are a beautiful home for books accessible from the street, if anyone has a book or two that they think others would enjoy they can just pop it in as they are walking past. We hope it provides a great way to connect with your neighbours by sharing those once loved books and encouraging reading and learning.

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