William Fry`s Ownership, 1831 – 1862

William Fry was granted the 50 acre parcel of land in 1831.  Legal documents indicate that he was a marksman, although little else is known about him or his family.

He lived on or near the farm for over 30 years and gave his name to the original “Coral Vale” homestead site, to be known as “Fry’s Hill”.

Evidence from land records indicate that Fry’s Hill was the only land Fry held in the area. It is known that he mortgaged the property several times and at one stage leased it to a Ebenezer Bourne, one of his mortgagors.

Nothing is known of the property or its operation during fry’s ownership although it is suspected that it would have operated as a “mixed farm”.

The property was eventually sold to William Rose in 1862.