Inaugural Community Gardening Competition

To celebrate Vista Park residents now living the life in their new homes and to create some healthy community rivalry, we bring you the inaugural Vista Park Gardening Competition. Sharpen those secateurs and polish the work boots, it’s time to show off your new home site with over $5,000 in total prizes to win!

In this, the inaugural year of the competition, there are a number of categories for residents to enter into with more categories to be added over the years as more residents move in and more people compete.

2018 Categories:

  1. Most Beautiful Garden (Main Prize)
  2. Best Edible Garden / Veggie Patch
  3. Best Drought Tolerant Garden
  4. Most Manicured Lawn

How to Enter:

  1. Complete the Submission Form along with photos, video or a combination of both along with a short description about the inspiration for your garden and any innovative or unique features as well as the plants you have used. The more photos the better!
  2. Between 1 November 2018 and 21 November 2018 entries are open. This is so that it gives you some flexibility for early or late flowering etc.
  3. At least one photo must include either the owner or the front façade of the home.
  4. Include your name and your lot number.

Vist the competition page here for Terms and Conditions and full details. 


The competition starts 1 September 2018. The first day of Spring! Check out the details HERE below and get planning no matter what size garden you have. All entries will be judged on their merit, not necessarily the size! 

Check out our special Final Ridge Release video update below and keep up to speed with ongoing developments though our Facebook and Instagram at the top of this page.


The Ridge Final Release from Vista Park on Vimeo.